In the past, before progress in air conditioning systems were made we often had to work in humid, over-warm and stuffy offices. Times have changed and now it is much more common to have an air-conditioned workplace to the point that we can almost take for granted the benefits that it provides us. There are many advantages to having air con in the workplace and we will try to explain some of the main ones in this article.

Air conditioning improves the working environment

The first advantage that we will discuss is the one that business owners commonly reference and ultimately see as most important to their pocket-books when trying to decide if they wish to install a newer air conditioning unit in their building. The simple fact is that installing an air con system vastly improves the working environment for the employees there and boosts worker performance. This is proven by expert research and shows that in pleasant conditions it is much easier for workers to perform to their full capacity and with an enhanced level of focus.

Comfortable working temperatures

When the building temperature rises above comfortable levels, workers become uncomfortable at the clammy feeling as their bodies fail to cool down enough. This irritation can easily stress out a worker and the irritation will cause their concentration to be worse. These factors lead to a reduction in worker efficiency and an increase in down-time and lost work hours. With an air conditioning system you ensure that the work building is at the proper temperature and level of humidity, which does wonders for worker morale and encourages a calm and focused group of employees that are ready to tackle the work that is set out for them.

How air conditioning can affect health

We know that it is not all about the employers and their bottom line, so this next advantage caters more to the workers themselves. It is proven that an air-conditioned building can affect the health of those who are in it in a positive way. While air conditioning systems filter the air of a building contaminates are filtered out. These contaminates include but are not limited to dust and dirt particles in the air which are a notorious cause of allergies and can also carry bacteria, leading to illness. When the air conditioning system is controlled properly it will regulate the humidity of the air and ensure it is at the correct level for comfort and health. The regulated humidity can lead to a reduction in respiratory disease as the nasal and throat passages are no longer damaged by dry air, and as mould and contaminates can no longer survive in the relatively dryer air produced by the air con unit. These factors combined result in an increase in worker health.

Noise reduction from air conditioning

The final advantage we will discuss here is that of noise reduction in the workplace. It might not be the first thing that you think of when thinking of an AC system and you might even be mistaken that an air con system would increase the noise in the building. While air con units do make a small amount of noise, a net benefit results when the air con system is installed. Due to the nature of the system, it is no longer required to open windows in the building to let in cool, fresh air. The air conditioning unit circulates fresh air automatically improving the building environment. Keeping the windows closed all of the time will reduce noise pollution from the outside world and also reduce air contaminates and also any insects that venture in from outside. This all results in a healthier, purer air space. With these advantages it is not hard to see why air conditioning is so popular today.