Air conditioning and ventilation in the UK are growing business areas for Aircentric, with a number of recent regulations affecting emissions from larger building, energy efficiency targets and fire/smoke precautions. It’s estimated that the UK ventilation and air conditioning market will have grown by up to 10 percent between 2015 and 2019, offering Aircentric and other specialist air conditioning suppliers greater opportunities to increase our brand awareness.

Building legislation stats

Some of the recent legislation affecting UK business organisations include:

  • Building Regulations tightening up on Indoor Air Quality
  • Government initiatives such as The Green Deal, CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, Smart Meters, Enhancements to Capital Allowances
  • Innovations in air conditioning and ventilation technologies, leading to greater legislative changes

Even the London Tubes are to finally receive air conditioning systems. Boris Johnson recently promised to begin fitting air con on deep trains. Tube travel in summer can be one of the most unpleasant commuting experiences, with temperatures reaching up to 35 degrees Celsius in summer on some lines. To put this in perspective, UK legislation bans transportation of cattle at temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius, yet summer 2015 temperatures on London’s Central Line were regularly recorded around 35 degrees Celsius.

Temperature affects employees

Keeping employees cool, calm and collected in summer months can be fairly easy to accomplish in a workplace operating an adequate air conditioning system. Many businesses find the running costs of modern HVAC systems actually reduce total utility bills annually, due to increased efficiencies and energy savings provided by the latest designs.

Installing a new air conditioning system for business users

Fitting a new air conditioning system in any business premises or replacing an outdated system requires careful thought prior to making any decisions on HVAC manufacturer or supplier. Increases in UK temperatures due to climate change look set to continue and businesses across the UK are placing more emphasis on the need for climate control and ventilation within the workplace.

Finding a reputable supplier with the abilities to design an air con system to suit different buildings, layouts and business requirements means sourcing experienced providers with the abilities to custom fit air conditioning and ventilation around specific business needs. Ideally, a supplier with abilities to offer ongoing maintenance contracts is worth considering. If air conditioning systems should develop a fault or breakdown, an ongoing air conditioning maintenance contract makes it easy to call out an engineer to fix faults at any time of day or night, throughout the year.

Different businesses have varying requirements for air conditioning and ventilation. Consumer-facing businesses, such as hotels, bars and restaurants, need to maintain comfort of customers throughout all climate differentials and it’s increasingly the norm for air con to be fitted in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Offices, factories and warehouses have different air conditioning and ventilation needs. Designing an appropriate system for business users may mean providing a diverse air conditioning system to suit the need of open plan offices housing a number of employees, executive offices to suit just one worker, and larger warehouse/shed areas with workers performing physical or manual duties throughout their shifts. Professional air con designers and installers such as Aircentric have the skill and expertise to custom design and fit the air con systems that work across all these discrete areas of the business.

AirCentric is a Yorkshire-based air conditioning supplier and maintenance provider with vast experience across a range of commercial projects. If you’d like to discuss your company’s requirements for air conditioning, don’t hesitate to contact us and find out the many ways we can help provide the air conditioning and ventilation you need within your workplace.