Now that we are entering into the colder end of the year, we wanted to discuss and highlight how can air conditioning units can continue to work for you, and still provide a useful and supply functional air conditioning in the winter now that the summer is well and truly over.

Is it really that chilly? Don’t be fooled…

It is important not to forget that just because it is cold outside does not mean that the temperature within your business and working environment is necessarily going to plummet. There are many factors to consider, such as the continuous use of electrical equipment, the size of your space and the number of people in it. Even on the coldest of days, by midday temperatures can still get fairly high in an environment such as this and therefore your air conditioning unit will still provide you with the ventilation and the comfort that you need.

Turning off the lights and any unnecessary electrical equipment is a helpful solution during the summer, and one that we are well versed in even in the UK, but at this time of year this would leave you sat in darkness for what is sadly now the majority of the day, and unfortunately this simply is not a practical suggestion. Our air conditioning units provide relief from this all year round regardless of the nature of your business and what type of building you need air conditioning supply for.

What other benefits does air conditioning bring?

Putting the above aside, it is fair to say that having and maintaining an air conditioning unit is certainly not all about temperature and many benefits are still to be felt during the frostier times using your air conditioning in the winter.

Air conditioning units also clean the air that you and your staff are breathing and help keep germs and bugs out of the atmosphere. Air conditioning units are designed to promote a hypoallergenic environment and this is important all year round, not just during the summer. You can find more information regarding this on our page about How does air conditioning work?

Why not have both?

Our air conditioning units provide both cooling and heating functionality, so you will never have to worry about your building being kept at a comfortable temperature, regardless of the time of year. Our various systems work in different ways and can be tailored to suit the type of environment you need to be accommodated for. Whether you require a Wall Mounted unit or a Ducted System, we have a solution that will provide you with warmth as well as ventilation. Take a look at our different units and discover the Air Conditioning unit for you at


Regardless of what temperature you and your employees are operating at in the office, it is useful to keep using your air conditioning unit at periodic times throughout the year as this benefits the long term functionality of your unit.

As a company we provide our clients with excellent maintenance packages, and more information on this can be found at under maintenance packages.