Creating a cool and comfortable business environment is vital to encourage higher levels of productivity from workforces. Using quality air conditioning systems will businesses realise visible enhancements in terms of productivity and profitability.

Considerations When Setting Up Air Conditioning Or Heating In Offices

Businesses must keep these points in mind when setting up an air conditioning or heating system in offices.

Setting Up The Air Conditioner

The air conditioning unit must be installed in a way that cool air supply does not get disturbed. Businesses must choose the air con design keeping their commercial area in mind. A professional supplier and installer helps businesses establish the right cooling requirements based on location, size, positioning and much more.

Height Requirements

Heating and cooling units should be appropriately placed in commercial areas to garner maximum use from them. A professional and experienced contractor is in the best position to establish the right height for setting up these units based on the overall office design.

Getting Regular Maintenance

Businesses must not overlook the importance of regular repair and maintenance to keep their operating costs to a bare minimum. Regular air conditioning maintenance will save businesses from expensive repairs later.

Benefits Of Installing Air Conditioning In Commercial Spaces

In addition to cooling down the place to encourage better work, air conditioning also equips businesses with the following benefits:

Reduction of external allergens

Cool temperatures inside will keep harmful allergens away to retain clean air inside the office. This ensures a healthier workplace environment.

Boosted profitability

Enhanced productivity of the business workforce will positively impact the bottom line of a company by boosting profitability.

Less noise pollution

Keeping the doors and windows shut will reduce the amount of noise pollution inside, allowing workers to concentrate better on their jobs. This goes hand in hand with boosted profitability and productivity.

Energy efficiency from newer models

Newer AC models are highly energy efficient, consuming less power than their predecessors. This means that businesses can run their cooling systems for longer without worrying about inflated energy bills and carbon footprints.

Why Choose AirCentric For Your Air Conditioning Needs?

AirCentric is the leading provider of air conditioning units, heating and ventilation to commercial enterprises and businesses from a wide range of industries, including leisure outlets, shopping centres, businesses, factories and offices. This allows their clients across the UK to enjoy a comfortable environment while working, irrespective of the outside weather conditions. Choosing AirCentric for installing air conditioning units will help businesses benefit from:

  • High quality and energy efficient air conditioning and heating systems
  • Expert installations with first class service
  • Regular maintenance and management with 24-hour call outs
  • Fully trained engineers for minimal disruption to regular work

AirCentric works directly with key decision makers to establish specific requirements of every business. This enables their trained engineers to design systems that encourage a productive working temperature for different businesses.

Accreditation from recognised trade bodies ensures that the company complies with laws and regulations without compromise. AirCentric provides air conditioning units to businesses of all sizes and types with the same degree of passion, commitment and excellence, making them the go-to partner every time.