There is a lot to consider when installing a new air conditioning or heating infrastructure and it’s often difficult to choose a contractor. It might be tempting to select simply on locality but that could mean losing out on the expertise of AirCentric. We are based in South Yorkshire but offer a nationwide coverage and have an impressive portfolio of case studies to show why we should be your first contact for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC).

Tax Relief from Air Conditioning Installation

HVAC is about more than just temperature regulation. It’s about using energy efficiently to keep cost low and it’s about providing a healthy and productive environment for your workforce and a comfortably and pleasant ambiance for your customers. As an additional incentive to install an new HVAC system it may be possible to obtain some government tax relief.

Air Conditioning Engineers

Our professionally trained engineers will design and install a system to suite your budget and your building. We are accredited by recognised trade associations such as Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) and pride ourselves on our excellent standards of customer service and workmanship. Our engineers have experience of installing in a variety of locations and show discretion and professionalism especially in sensitive environments such as health care or places of worship.

Air Conditioning Experience

It’s a well known fact within any construction or installation industry that retrofitting is more difficult than new build. However, this challenge is more than matched by our pedigree of experience. We have provided air conditioning for the education industry and the motor retail industry. We have installed energy efficient air conditioning in commercial offices to compliment the environmentally green culture of the customer. Period buildings, well known to be some of the most challenging of all locations, have been fitted with discreet, yet effective, air conditioning units. The Hotel and Leisure industry also feature in our catalogue of achievement as do gyms and buildings of religious designation.

What Air Conditioning Unit is Suitable for Your Business

So what sort of air conditioning system would suite your business? We have a number of systems with a range of power to suit your needs and a range of prices to suite your budget. A small room may require only a small wall mounted unit, a building with no available voids for ducts may need a ceiling unit and a large room or open plan area may require cassette recessed unit. Our on-line calculator will give you an indication of the required output needed for the size of your room. This will give an idea of where to start but please contact us for a more detailed discussion.

Warranty and Maintenance

We offer a 5 year warranty on all our Mitsubishi Electric products and can develop a maintenance package to suit your needs. If you require maintenance of existing air conditioning system then this can be arranged. In fact some HVAC units which contain fluorinated greenhouse gas (F gas) are required by law to be serviced at regular intervals. More information on this can be found here. In the unlikely, not to mention catastrophic event that your HVAC breaks down, we can offer a 24 hours call out service to anywhere in the UK. Legality and emergencies aside it makes absolute sense to protect your investment and this can only be achieved with regular maintenance. This would typically involve checking filters and ducts, testing controls and servicing all moving parts.

Contact Us

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