As an expert team of air conditioning installers in Sheffield, AirCentric have installed air conditioning in a variety of different locations all over the country.

We have just completed an air conditioning installation job in a Huddersfield mosque. The mosque was a 3 storey building, so there was a large area to improve the air quality in. On the top floor we installed a triple split, which consists of 3 indoor cassette type units connected to 1 outdoor condensing unit.

On the middle floor we installed a quad split, which consists of 4 indoor cassettes to one outdoor unit, and also a single split, which includes 1 indoor cassette to 1 outdoor condensing unit. On the basement floor we have installed another quad split, which includes 4 indoor cassettes to one outdoor condensing unit.

The staff at AirCentric chose these options for the mosque in order to keep costs down, and also because there was limited outdoor space for the condensing units.

5 year warranty on air conditioning equipment

We have provided a 5 year warranty on the air conditioning equipment, which is all of Mitsubishi Electric manufacture. The mosque has also taken out a 5 year air conditioning maintenance package with AirCentric, to ensure that the system remains in perfect working order.

Sharafat Ali says “I am very happy with the service I received from AirCentric. They have done a marvellous job and really excelled themselves. Robert was friendly and professional and provided us with excellent service. We are so happy with them that we have taken out a 5 year maintenance contract for the air conditioning system too.”