Why air conditioning matters

Between global warming and extreme heat variations, the UK has been suffering from uncharacteristic temperature levels, which can make the everyday working environment unpleasant, if not downright dangerous. With people spending more and more of their day at work, it’s become imperative that their environment is specifically designed to provide for large-scale air-conditioning needs. This is why more and more businesses are turning to energy-smart, environmentally friendly air conditioning solutions.

Who to trust

When it comes to the installation of commercial air conditioning units, it is best to rely on a reputable, specialist and expert service, to enjoy peace of mind that your business is in good hands. There are many companies out there, but when it comes to something as vital as the air you breathe, it is best to turn to the experts: although it is always tempting to pick a contractor based on low rates or locality, expertise trumps bargain-bin offers every time. This is where AirCentric comes in: offering a certified service with all the technical-know-how, all over the UK.

What they can do for you

AirCentric Supply is a leading expert in providing air conditioning units to commercial and industrial buildings. They specialise in air-conditioning, heating and ventilation design, supply, installation, repairs, and maintenance. What ever your needs they will be able to advise and assist every step of the way. With their excellent and versatile service package, their name has become a leader in the field, synonymous with service excellence. AirCentric works with a wide range of industries and business, including offices, restaurants, schools, factories, leisure outlets and large retail units and shipping centres. You can rest assured that all air conditioning engineers have undergone rigorous training and maintain the highest level of safety standards. AirCentric is accredited by the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS), and other trade associations.

Bespoke service

Whether your business is looking to have tailor-made air conditioning units designed and installed to your specific needs, or urgent assistance with a 24 hour air con repairs call-out, AirCentric is able to provide bespoke packages to meet all requirements. AirCentric takes pride in supplying units that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Their bespoke services offer solutions whatever the client’s needs. Whether you would like to consult on the correct room temperature for your space, or need a custom-built unit for a uniquely-shaped office, you will benefit from a broad selection of possibilities. AirCentric’s expert consultants will take you through the whole process from assessment and consultation, to regular maintenance.

Healthy air means healthy living

Healthy, clean air is important not only to productivity, but to life, and the AirCentric stamp of guarantee will ensure that all clients will enjoy a healthy, enjoyable working environment. Scientific studies have shown that clean air determines employee health, longevity , morale and work output.

A well-designed, professionally installed, and reliably maintained air-con unit can save a company considerable sums of money and time when it comes to employee sick leave and medical insurance costs, as well as long-reaching health issues like allergies and asthma. Clean air is undeniably a worthy investment, and this is why AirCentric is expanding operations all over the UK, to meet rising demands for a temperature controlled environment and clean air.


While AirCentric is based in South Yorkshire, their advice and services is now available on a UK-wide scale, with a versatile approach tailored to suit the diverse weather conditions found across country. Wherever you are based, they are on hand to help.

AirCentric Supplies is a flagship champion of the necessity for clean air in the workspace. When it comes to reliability, versatility and unerring adherence to safety standards, they are undeniably the future of air conditioning, in the UK and the wider world.