Air Centric is all about creating the most comfortable environment for your workplace. They are affiliated with Carbon Trade partner Mitsubishi Electric and others to reduce their and clients’ Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions, and create cost effective air conditioning solutions for commercial businesses.

Clean Energy

As a large scale environmental issue, CO2 emissions and refrigerants are at the core of the Greenhouse Gas effect. Created from the burning of fossil fuels, carbon dioxide released is changing the atmosphere and creating a harmful effect on the environment all around the world. To have a greater impact on the change to cleaner energies, Air Centric is working with multiple partners to monitor and control their emissions. They’re working to provide information to clients and others in the industry to help create as big a positive change as possible.

New Standards

As of April 2018, there will be new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) enforced on all air conditioning units provided in commercial buildings. Mitsubishi Electric has developed a CPD-accredited guide available free through their Digital Library as a breakdown of the MEES change and how it affects businesses.

The aim of the new MEES, is to increase the efficiency of all business buildings through their energy usage. Air Centric and Mitsubishi Electric can help you ensure your business’ climate control system is up to the new standards by the time the changes come into effect.

The goal is to increase the efficiency of all commercial property to a grade C minimum standard by 2030. This will be an incredible success and a huge step in the right direction for the nation toward cleaner energy.

New Hybrid System

Mitsubishi Electric have discovered a way to utilise both the very best of a 4-pipe chiller system and the efficiency of a 2-pipe Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) air conditioner, creating a brand new hybrid system with incredible efficiency.

The benefits of this new hybrid system are extensive. It uses 30% less harmful refrigerants, and no need for leak detection devices, which means a 30% cheaper fee for an annual service by Air Centric. With 20% greater efficiency through its heat recovery system, and variable temperatures for up to 50 different indoor units, the new system is the best in modern air conditioner innovation.

Research Partner Daikin

Air Centric’s industry partner, Daikin, known all around the world, is one of very few companies investing heavily into development and research. They’ve created new technologies like the Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) system. Their focus on increasing the performance, energy efficiency and durability of their climate control units, places them at the forefront of air conditioner innovations. Helping Air Centric deliver their longer lasting and best quality units to clients all over.

Other Partners

Air Centric openly supports the charity efforts of the Institute of Refrigeration (IOR), helping to supply up to date and modern information about the best quality systems and research into air conditioners. This enables the IOR to support the efficiency of the systems businesses use and supply to clients all over.

Air Centric have an F-GAS certification and are partnered with REFCOM and CHAS to ensure their systems meet the highest possible levels of efficiency and quality within the industry.

Future Planning

Being partnered with other companies and organisations, whose focus is to decrease their carbon footprint, makes Air Centric so much stronger in the field of air conditioning and climate control.

Contact Air Centric for the installation, repair or upgrade to a higher efficiency climate control unit, and start creating positive changes.