Diagnosing and fixing a problem with an air conditioning unit can take time, so the discovery of new techniques or methods to speed up this process is always a welcome sight, and one such breakthrough has recently been announced.

New Air Conditioning Maintenance Diagnostics Kit

A New York and Israel-based company called Augury have this month showcased their new modern diagnostics gadget to the world, which they believe will revolutionise the way air conditioning maintenance is carried out. The diagnostics kit they’ve been using consists of a gadget called an Auguscope and a dedicated iPhone app, both of which work in tandem to generate, compare and contrast data about an air con unit.

The core idea behind this new technology is that ventilation units generate a signature sound depending on factors such as what capacity they’re operating at and whether there are any defects in the system. It is this last factor that the Auguscope zones-in on, they say, detecting subtle differences in the vibrations and ultrasonic waves created by air conditioning units to make a diagnosis.

When a machine is in operation, the types of sounds it makes give us a good idea of how well it’s running or at what speed, and this is especially true when we’re used to the normal sounds a machine makes. A car engine, for instance, that’s not working correctly will usually sound out of the ordinary and we instantly know something is not right based on our previous experiences. The Auguscope and iPhone app combination take this idea to the next level.

How this New Technology Can Diagnose an Air Conditioning Breakdown

With this new technology, a technician called out to an air conditioning breakdown will be able to attach a magnetic sensor to an area of the suspect unit and detect the reverberations it generates while in operation. The Auguscope can then collect this data, process it and send it to a connected iPhone, which will have the dedicated app installed to receive this data.

The iPhone can then send the data over a cloud network to a central server where the information can be processed to produce a diagnosis. During this diagnostic stage, the data will be compared with a previous recording of a similar fully-working machine to ascertain the subtle differences in sound that indicate whether there is a problem and what that problem is. The app will then send the diagnostic results back to the technician so they can make a decision on how to repair the air conditioning unit.

Reducing Time Spent on Air Conditioning Maintenance Jobs

The upshot of this new technology, say Augury, is that this will reduce air conditioning maintenance costs in the future, as using such a system would cut the time spent looking for a particular problem, whether that’s a small crack in a fan blade or a problem with the electronics. The company’s CEO, Saar Yoskovitz, says that the technology can even be used in the future to predict faults in systems, thus reducing the severity of a potential problem in a proactive way.

Currently the company is using the technology for air conditioning supply units that provide ventilation, heating and cooling, but other types of air con designs and machines could be repaired using this type of equipment in the future.