AirCentric: Keeping You, Your Staff and Your Clients Comfortable All Year Round.

“Hot town, summer in the city,” sang the Lovin’ Spoonful back in 1966, “back of my neck getting dirty and gritty.” How much has the situation changed for the average worker since then? Incredibly, it seems that over 50 years later, people are still getting hot under the collar about office air conditioning, or the lack of it, so let’s investigate the benefits of commercial air conditioning.

The need for cooling-off…period.

Despite the fact that industrial air conditioning is one of the ways suggested by the Health and Safety Executive to keep employees comfortable at work, and it’s a concern of employee organisations such as unions, as well as responsible employers, there’s still no legal upper temperature limit for working conditions. There have been attempts to make this a legal requirement, so far without success, leaving employees still overheating and customers suffering as a result.

Commercial air conditioning: time to stop “fire-fighting”.

Whilst not yet a legal requirement, air con is increasingly looking like the long term solution to our new UK summer temperature highs. When the temperature hits 30 degrees in Scotland, as it did this year, it’s clear that dragging a few fans out of the cupboard once a year is no answer at all to employee and customer discomfort during a heat wave. Large organisations, from educational establishments to manufacturing plants, need to know that they can deal with a sudden heat wave instantly and effectively. Companies and institutions who have already installed air conditioning units know that a reliable air conditioning supply is the best and most economical answer.

AirCentric supply, install and maintain across the UK.

Installation of air conditioning units is often seen as a potentially complex project, therefore not prioritised. Our response is simple: take a look at some of our case studies across the UK to find out how our systems, including bespoke installations, have made major improvements for their staff and clients. Once you’ve installed the optimum air con design, our air conditioning maintenance packages are there to offer support if air conditioning repair is needed, right across the UK. This is as important a consideration as the installation itself, since air conditioning breakdown is also a cause of very disgruntled staff and clients.

How your organisation can benefit from our skills

Perhaps you’re still wondering if air conditioning is really a requirement of your company, organisation or sector. We’ve witnessed a range of public and private sector organisations, in buildings old and new, benefit from an installation. Offices and factories, of course; but also local authorities with responsibility for housing and schools. Remember those desperately hot days in the classroom? The hospitality and retail sectors too have seen major benefits come from ensuring the optimum internal climate in their hotels and malls; and in healthcare more than any other sector, getting it right is critical.

All round air conditioning

It’s not just about staying cool. It’s about being comfortable. That includes getting heating and ventilation right as well; and not forgetting economy and energy conservation. Quite simply, AirCentric’s job is to create comfort for our clients and it’s work at which we excel.