Air Centric provides professional installation and 24 hour call-out maintenance services. Our large range of efficient Air Conditioning systems are designed for commercial industries, nationwide. Our engineers tailor the system to your needs, concealing piping and bulky units or providing a sleek and minimalist presentation. They adjust installation strategies to suit your environment and building requirements. No matter the weather, we can assure your customers, clients and employees are comfortable.


Our air conditioning systems will aid your company in providing the best comfort and control. You won’t sweat about an overheated warehouse or freeze when demonstrating in your showroom.


An environment kept within optimal temperature ranges, helps increase the efficiency of fellow employees. Whether sitting by a computer, doing heavy lifting in a warehouse, selling products from a showroom, or operating a gym, temperature needs shift and change every day. Our units give you the control to keep your workplace comfortable so your employees or consumers can make the most of the service you provide.


Air Conditioning units help to keep small and large buildings constantly ventilated by circulating filtered, clean air, in and used air, out. This maintains high oxygen levels so occupants will have access to fresh air even while inside, giving them peace of mind and greater energy. Our service will assist in overall health of staff and customers by reducing stress, discomfort, and exposure to the pollutants of unfiltered air.
Our air conditioning systems control your environment, taking the stress out of staying comfortable, to help your business focus on its true purpose.


If your business deals with brand new, potential customers or clients all the time, then our air conditioning systems will help you provide the best welcoming you can.
As soon as someone new steps inside, our unit will give them relief from the uncontrollable weather outside. They’ll want to spend time asking about your product or service because they are too comfortable to leave. They don’t need to stress about the heat or the biting wind when they’re with your company, and they’ll walk away with positive recommendations, helping to boost your business reach and potential sales.

Various Industries

Air Centric provides service and systems to a range of industries and building types.


We tailor our systems to ensure filtered, clean air is constantly circulated throughout your building. Large hospitals to small doctor’s offices, our professional and experienced engineers can create a system setup for you and your clients, so you can best assist with their health.


Students need high levels of comfort to make the most of the education their teachers provide. If their focus is on the temperature, it takes away from the teacher’s ability to communicate with each student, and it hinders the entire process. We’ll work with you to create a quiet, calm and inspirational environment with our units, to provide the best education.

Retail, Bars and Restaurants, Hotels and Leisure

For repeat customers, they need to feel cared for and appreciated. With our temperature control units, your customers will discover just how much you value their business.

Commercial Offices

Working inside all day, for most of the week, is exhausting, but our air conditioning systems will help ease your employees’ stress and increase their productivity.

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