Anybody with an interest in climate change and the recent Paris summit, will be aware the UK climate has already become much warmer. Brits will face more heatwaves and higher temperatures in summer and throughout the year for the future, so taking the lead on reducing the effects of heat is an important consideration within any UK business environment. Office workers struggled to work through some of the hottest days experienced in summer of 2015, due to the fact that the UK just isn’t sufficiently prepared for life and work within an extreme environment.

Air conditioning in social environments

Cafes, restaurants, leisure outlets and centres, offices and factories can all become extremely uncomfortable for workers and visitors when the weather is hot and sticky. Fitting air conditioning is one way for proactive business entrepreneurs to take a lead. The advantages of air con are becoming more apparent as the UK climate warms to a degree that would have been considered impossible twenty years back. It’s unlikely the UK will adopt a Mediterranean siesta to give workers some form of respite from the challenges of the office or factory environment, it goes against the British working ethic. Employers will need to come up with viable solutions to warming work and leisure environments, however.

The Government are conducting risk assessments and looking at a National Adaptation Programme with ways to roll out more awareness and positive actions related to the warming environment in the UK, so legislative action could be in the pipeline at some point.

Air conditioning can help fight global warming

Taking steps to add an air conditioning supply to business premises such as cafes and restaurants is one good way to keep customer numbers high throughout summer months. The European pavement cafe culture is starting to thrive on British High Streets and in picturesque towns and villages, but nothing beats an escape from overpowering sun and heat more than sitting in a cool, shaded environment to eat or drink when the weather is that hot.

Studies of workers confined to the office, factory or warehouse environment during the warmest days of the year have produced enough researched evidence to show that productivity levels drop when temperatures rise. Adding air conditioning to the work environment will immediately lift morale and raise levels of comfort in any office or work place. Employers can source air conditioning units to complement existing heating and ventilation supplies, or opt for the latest energy-efficient systems supplying AC and warm air to the largest commercial premises.

Air conditioning can help climate change and productivity

The days when hot weather at work entailed simply adding a couple of desk fans to any stationery order have long gone. New buildings the modern, built infrastructure has already adapted in some ways, while the existing infrastructure lags. A recent survey highlighted that workplace productivity drops by 3.6 percent for every degree over 22C reached. In 2008 less than 0.5 percent of UK homes had any form of air conditioning, while the hot weather of summer 2015 caused some buckled rail lines and melting of roads, highlighted by a stretch of road on the M25. It’s fairly clear that climate change and regular hot temperatures are affecting the UK, so taking action to fit the most modern air con designs within the workplace, retail outlets, leisure centres and bars, cafes or restaurants will be one of the most important decisions for businessmen and women to consider in the very near future.

How AirCentric can help

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