Commercial Air Conditioning in Modern Times

There is no doubt that larger commercial and retail centres must employ the use of a modern air conditioning system during the warmer months of the year. However, this can be a daunting challenge from both a logistical and a financial point of view. As the technology behind these projects continues to advance, it is important to examine a handful of the ways that a property can make the most efficient use out of the choices available.

Computerised Controls

Many air conditioning systems will now employ computerised software that will provide a greater sense of control within a commercial environment. Large ducts are concealed from public view and yet they can offer an optimal internal temperature. As they are programmable, owners can determine the temperature required for a specific environment. This is important, for commercial establishments such as restaurants could very require a different ambient temperature than a clothing outlet or a movie theatre. One-touch controls will quickly modify the output when necessary.

System Zoning

Smart technologies have made a lasting impact in the world of heating and air conditioning. In the past, industrial and commercial environments were associated with extraordinarily high energy consumption bills. This primarily arose from the fact that heating and cooling were simply either “on” or “off”. This has now changed thanks to what is known as system zoning (1). Each area of a commercial property is allotted a specific zone and its own thermostat. Thus, different areas can remain at different temperatures. Another massive advantage of this technique is that locations which are not in use (such as a newly renovated store or an area under construction) can be completely removed from the environmental cooling loop.

Green Technologies

Properly cooling a large environment can be difficult from an environmentally friendly point of view. In this sense, we are not simply referring to the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and other chemicals. The energy required to power such large units places additional strain upon the overall grid and in turn, excess consumption of fuel is the ultimate result. A sizeable portion of this effect has been reduced thanks to the proprietary heat recovery technology offered by Air Centric. Stale air is extracted from the ambient environment. The existing thermal energy is then used from this existing air to help further cool a specific location. In fact, it has been shown that cooling costs can be reduced by as much as 30 per cent (2). It is likely that this “green” trend will continue into the foreseeable future.

Aesthetic Concerns

A commercial or retail centre always needs to keep aesthetics in mind when choosing the most appropriate air conditioning systems. Ceiling- and wall-mounted units should therefore be available options. Installation is quick and the overall cooling capacity is indeed impressive. It is wise to speak with a representative from Air Centric to appreciate which choice may be the best for a specific location.

The Synergy of Technology and Efficiency

Ultimately, any commercial-grade air conditioning system needs to be as technologically advanced as it is efficient. The variables mentioned above are able to offer superior levels of cooling while simultaneously reducing energy costs. Perhaps most importantly, workers and patrons alike will enjoy a comfortable environment.

It is likely that the role of greener technologies will be even more prevalent in the months and years ahead. Contacting a qualified representative from Air Centric is the best way to make certain that any location is enjoying the most turnkey cooling solutions.