The hottest new global trend in air conditioning?

Or should that be the coolest new trend? Increasingly, people are opting for concealed ducted air conditioning systems. And, this is not just happening in one country: the demand for concealed air con is a global phenomenon.

What types of concealed ducted air conditioning are out there?

There are plenty of options for people who want to take advantage of concealed air con. For example, you can opt for ceiling concealed air con, or AC systems that are contained within the walls. In addition, people are increasingly opting for thermostats with closed interfaces for communication, and condensing technology that is hidden from view.

Why residential properties in particular?

It is safe to say that many people are very concerned to preserve the aesthetics of their buildings and walls. Interior design takes into account every nook and cranny of a room, and an air conditioning system that is not concealed / ducted can disrupt the flowing lines of a well designed interior. As such, concealed air con is a dream! In addition, these concealed systems can be much quieter than those that are not concealed, as installers can include make use of sound proof insulating materials and panelling to preserve the sound of silence in a residential property. Clean and conditioned air and a lovely restful feel – what could be better?

What other trends for residential AC technology can we expect in the future?

A recent analysis piece, published at Cool Automation has suggested that one trend that we can expect in the future is air conditioning that makes use of ‘smart’ thermostats. These thermostats might communicate with each other, and with the internet in order to maintain the best possible air conditioning experience for them. Though the technology for smart thermostats is not quite available yet, it is certain that the so called Internet of Things is really making its way into residential properties and it would make sense of air conditioning to become a part of that. The Internet of Things is the name given to the network of physical objects that are connected to the internet. For instance, washing machines that use wi fi to automatically order more fabric softener when their levels are getting low or sockets that you can turn off remotely using your smartphone. Would it not be useful to have an AC system that you could adjust from your smartphone, no matter where you were?

It is important for an air conditioning system to be practical, and to do the job that it is supposed to do. But that is no reason why you should let it disrupt your carefully designed interiors. Have you considered how you will fit your air conditioning system into your existing decor? Perhaps a concealed AC system is the best choice for you.