recent article in the US based publication Refrigeration And Air Conditioning states that the market for advanced sensors in the states is worth around $1.2 billion. In the UK, too, the most advanced forms of air con are becoming more and more popular. Opting for the best possible system is a very good idea; as the AirCentric team have explained elsewhere on their blog, future-proofing your air conditioning units is good business practice.

What do the sensors in your ventilation, air con or heating unit do?

The installation of a temperature sensor in your air con or heating unit will enable the unit to automatically update the temperature of the air depending on the temperature of the room it is installed in. This feature of air con design is very useful for, for example, data rooms (which as AirCentric has written about previously) are in danger of rising to very high temperatures during peak times without the aid of a good quality air conditioning supply. Temperatures can fluctuate greatly throughout the day. Rather than having to alter your AC manually whenever your employees or customers complain of being too hot or too cold, it makes sense to have a sensor that monitors temperature changes automatically and then feeds back to the air conditioning system so that it can automatically adjust the air temperature. As well as being more efficient to use, the deployment of advanced sensors helps to future proof your business’s infrastructure. As we have already seen, this anticipation of future technological advancements is very important.

Saving costs through automated air conditioning

When the office cools down at night, there is no need to have the air conditioning on at full blast. Similarly, when you close the business for the weekend or a bank holiday, having the heating on full pelt is simply a waste of money. Whilst being a warm and comforting environment in winter, or a nice cool oasis in the summer, is good for attracting customers, when there are no customers around there is no need to spend so much money on heating and cooling systems. Installing automatic timers as well as sensors will ensure that you do not throw money down the drain. Programme your AC system to power down when it is not needed and you could save thousands of pounds annually. This will also ensure that your heating and ventilation systems are not overused, reducing the risk of an air conditioning breakdown and the need for air conditioning repair action. As a result, your air conditioning maintenance costs will be kept down as well.

Explore AirCentric’s state of the art air conditioning range

Now that we have established the importance of future proofing your business, using features including (but not limited to) automation for your air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems, it is time to find the perfect air con products for your needs. AirCentric has a brilliant range of technologies, so you will have no trouble finding something that suits your needs on our site