When summer approaches, business people will be propping doors open, plugging in desktop fans and cranking up the office air conditioning in an effort to stay comfortable at work. The good news is, we are experts in the maintenance and installation of air conditioning for offices in Sheffield.

The temperature of your working environment can have a big impact on the success and productivity of your daily tasks at work. Keeping an ambient temperature in an office is a big part of creating a healthy and comfortable working environment.

Although there isn’t a fixed temperature required by law for office environments, employers are legally required to provide ‘reasonable temperatures’ in a place of work. But apart from this, there are lots of other reasons why office air conditioning is vital.

Studies have even show links between mean annual temperatures and productivity of employees. Air conditioning systems have also been proven to reduce absenteeism, especially during hot weather. Therefore, maintaining an ambient temperature can increase the productivity of a workforce, and maintain it!

It’s a common belief that air conditioning just cools, but it heats too, and even dehumidifies air. Hot and humid conditions inevitably have an effect on the productivity of employees; therefore dehumidifying a working environment will keep staff, customers and clients comfortable.

In recent years, office workers have become increasingly reliant on technology such as computers, printers and photocopiers. The heat output from these appliances can be high. Some commercial buildings even need ‘server rooms’ for machines that are always working and need to be cooled constantly.

If you are looking for an air conditioning installer in Sheffield or a Sheffield air conditioner repair company, look no further than the friendly team at AirCentric. We can advise you on the right air conditioning unit for offices, in order to keep your working temperature regulated.