There is no doubt that whatever type of business you are running, having an air conditioning system is beneficial in lots of ways. From happy customers to contented staff, whether your company is small or multinational; air conditioning makes sense. However, just putting a system into your office, shop or factory is just the first step. The system needs to be properly maintained to function efficiently and give you and your company many years of service.

Having a maintenance contract will ensure that fins, filters and coils will work effectively. Failure to recognise the importance of annual maintenance will mean a slow decline in the system’s efficiency, with performance levels dropping, costs increasing and the possibility of repair work needed.

Why does air conditioning need annual servicing?

Everybody knows that when it comes to our vehicles that it is better to get a car serviced than pay a lot of money at some later stage, for major repair work. This theory is the same for air conditioning maintenance for business. If basic maintenance work is not carried out on a regular basis, then this could lead to your company paying for something problematic. This could mean that you lose the use of the system for days or weeks, and result in dissatisfied staff or some very hot customers.

Air conditioning is a very hard working and sturdy piece of equipment and has been designed and engineered to last for years. The fact that it is always there in the background, however, could lead to some complacency on the behalf of management. The hard fact is that even though the system is running, it needs some basic maintenance to keep at its optimum performance level. Failing to do this will mean that on average, it will reduce efficient cooling or heating, by around five per cent per annum.

Any loss in efficiency can be recovered very quickly by utilising a professional to maintain it every year. Recent studies have revealed that with a regular check, your system will function within five per cent of its original level of effectiveness, year after year, after year.

In today’s economic climate, it is better to leave the maintenance of your company’s air conditioning, in the hands of a professional. By setting up a contract for regular checks, it will ensure that this is one less problem for you or your busy management team to worry about.

What a service check should include

Any check that is carried out by a professional maintenance contractor will include:

  • Cleaning the coils for the condensing unit
  • Amp draw check for compression unit
  • Lubricating the fans
  • Examining the belts
  • General system pressure checks and running temperatures compared to the specification of the manufacturer
  • Level of coolant

A badly maintained air conditioning system will cost your company money, and also productivity levels could fall drastically as office and factory ambience is disturbed.

The results of regular maintenance

With your firm’s air conditioning functioning correctly it will increase comfort levels of staff, clients and customers, and ensure that productivity is high. Regular maintenance will ensure that you don’t have major problems in the future and that the system has a longer life and operates more cost-effectively.