Discover the Pros and Cons of Air Conditioning Your Offices

It is only recently that air conditioning has been commonly adopted in offices and places of business. Where before it was considered a luxury, now many companies are realising the benefits of professionally-installed office air conditioning systems. Office air conditioning may have gained an unfairly poor reputation due to improperly managed and faulty maintenance of the systems. Today we’re going to show you the benefits and downsides of air conditioning your business.

Benefits of Office Air Conditioning Include:

Increased Productivity and Job Performance

By keeping your employees in a comfortable environment, you can be sure that they are working to their true capacity. While temperature extremes can have a negative impact on the health and motivation of your employees, controlling this can lead to a more efficient and healthy workforce. Keeping the temperature above 20ºc and below 26ºc demonstratively improves employee morale and mental concentration.

Protecting the Health of Your Employees

As all employers know, temporarily losing your workers due to illness is an unavoidable burden to the company. By installing a professional air conditioning system in your offices you take a step forward in protecting your employees health, improving ventilation and avoiding the loss of work that entails when your employees fall ill. When properly maintained, an office air conditioning system will reduce the level of allergens in the air, including pollen. The reduced temperature also reduces the number of parasites and insects in the air, improving air quality. Additionally, the lower temperature of the air will reduce sweating, protecting against dehydration.

The Drawbacks of Air Conditioning:

Improperly-installed systems

There are pros and cons to everything, and it’s important to have due diligence when making the decision to purchase an air conditioning unit.

Be careful who you are purchasing from, and always be sure to deal with a professional office air conditioning company that is qualified to install these systems. Improper installation can cause the air to cool down excessively, which can negatively affect the respiratory system, as well as lead to problems with the air conditioning supply and entailing costly repairs due to breakdown of the air conditioning unit. You can avoid these problems by always dealing with a reputable and professional company.

Ambient Noise

Though there have been vast improvements in office air conditioning systems, the action of filtering the air will always be accompanied by a little bit of noise.You can reduce this by opting for a ‘silent’ air conditioning unit, which will have a reduced volume. Still, any air conditioning system will add to the ambient noise present in the workplace.


These are some of the pros and cons you should consider before purchasing a centralised or single-unit air con system. Don’t forget that while the air has been filtered, it is still recommended for the space to be ventilated regularly. It is essential that the system is maintained and installed professionally to avoid problems. When using any form of climate control, whether heating or cooling, be sure to keep the air humidity between 60-70%, which is the optimum you should work towards to avoid any problems.