In the hot summer climate, having an efficient air conditioning at your workstation can make life more bearable. Air conditioning just like other appliances wear out after a while. Replacing an inefficient air conditioning could save your company up to fifty per cent of its utility cost. Besides, statistics show that workers are more productive at comfortable working environments. That is why it is imperative to know when to replace or repair your faulty air conditioner. Below are five signs that your air conditioning needs repair or replacement.

When Should You Be Thinking of Replacing or Repairing Your Air Conditioning Unit?

The AirCon System Doesn’t Cool

This is the most obvious sign that you must replace or repair your air conditioning. A well-maintained air conditioning can last up to at least 10 years, depending on other factors like your air conditioning unit, climate and how frequently you use the air conditioning system. Manufacturers always estimate the life cycles of specific models; referring to the product manual can help you decide whether to replace or simply repair the air conditioning system. Older models are so inefficient, while some new models are very efficient and friendly to the environment.

Your Electricity Bills Are Getting Bigger

It is true that during the summer and winter your electricity bills are usually higher due to frequent heating and cooling of your rooms. If, however, your bills are bigger than usual, then you need to do an electricity audit. This will help you to establish if the air conditioning unit is faulty or not. You can help your company save a lot of energy utility.

Your Air Conditioner is Having Unusual Emissions

Unusual smells, noise or moisture from your air conditioning system when it is on, is a sign it needs repair or replacement. Unusual smells may be because of improper cleaning or maintenance of the air conditioning unit. It may also occur simply as a result of a clogged filter that must be replaced. The loud (noisy) air conditioning, on the other hand, could be because of a faulty fan, loose parts inside the unit or merely dirt that is clogging the internal mechanism. While moisture outside the building may be normal in some conditioners, moisture inside the building is a clear indication that air conditioning is faulty and needs immediate you repair or replacement.

The Unit Produces Inconsistent Temperature

Your air conditioning should provide a stable air temperature in a room. If certain areas become cold while others have hot air all the time, then it is an indication that the air conditioning unit is faulty. These temperature fluctuations could be caused by duct problems or the units. Immediate attention will save the company a lot.

Repairs Become Expensive

If you are repairing your conditioning unit many times in a year, then it surely needs to be replaced. Servicing of an air conditioning unit is supposed to take place at least once a year to ensure cleanliness. Extra repair should also be done a few times. However, the cost of your repairs proves to be uneconomical then you are better off replacing the whole unit.

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