The benefits that an air conditioning system can bring to your business are many, and several well-documented studies reveal that these benefits go way beyond just cooling or heating the air. For many years AirCentric has been supplying air conditioning units to a broad range of businesses, which include leisure outlets, factories, offices and shopping centres, and understand the difference a good air con design can make.


A report has recently revealed that there is a link between productivity and the temperature of the working environment. Even a small change can have an alarming effect on the work rate of employees. Getting AirCentric to fit a new system or upgrade an existing one can have some excellent results that can be seen almost immediately. Not only can having the right system help employee productivity but if you are operating in the service industry, it can also make for happy customers and clients.

Air con that is well maintained gives businesses a better control over their factory, shop, office or restaurant environment, which makes sound economic sense.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

AirCentric has a client base throughout the UK. We believe that installing an air conditioning unit is only part of the service, and our customers benefit from a top quality maintenance contract to ensure that the system is running at its optimum. At AirCentric we also understand that at times you may have a problem; that’s why we offer repair contracts, which include an emergency 24-hour call out.

The need to have a well maintained AC system can be essential in some work environments because of the increased use of technology. The latest air con design systems, therefore, offer precision heating and cooling to protect valuable capital assets such as servers and desktop PCs to ensure there are no extremes in temperature.

Saving money for your business

These are tough economic times, and all types of companies have to be completely aware of overhead costs such as heating and cooling. The new state-of-the-art air conditioning systems have been designed to save energy and are far more cost effective. To make sure that you are getting the best value out of your air conditioning you could take advantage of a meeting with one of our engineers to discuss your particular needs.

AirCentric has a wide range of services to help organisations get a 100 per cent cost saving performance from their air conditioning. The company offers design and installation and a full range of maintenance and repair contracts. Our highly trained team have supplied systems to companies in sectors such as commercial offices, retail, hotel and hospitality, bars and restaurants, healthcare and educational establishments.

No matter what size business you have or what sector you are in, AirCentric has a bespoke system that will suit your every need. We have an enormous range of products that can fit into any environment whether it is a busy factory, hospital or top class restaurant. The range of units includes wall or ceiling mounted; cassette recessed, ducted systems and heat recovery units.

Saving money and creating a terrific environment is what we do best, with client after care service as our number one priority.