Commercial Air Conditioning And Maintenance Systems

A new report has shown that the world’s market for advanced energy management solutions – ie demand for commercial air conditioning and maintenance systems – is due to grow by over 12% over the next five years.

The growth in uptake will be driven by the growing use of air conditioning and energy management systems for commercial buildings, such as the retail sector, offices, government agencies, schools and education buildings, call centres, hospitals and other public buildings.

As businesses work harder to implement green energy measures, there is a notable increase in demand for commercial air conditioning and for services that facilitate better heating, ventilation and ‘green’ building management. Rather than old-fashioned and energy intensive air conditioning systems that were left largely unserviced, today’s air conditioning solutions are designed to be efficient, fit for purpose, high-tech and installed with ongoing servicing and maintenance contracts. This is essential to preserve workplace safety and ensure a healthy base of employees.

Businesses need heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems that meet a multitude of needs – operational efficiency, green energy measures and workplace health and safety, and are turning to specialists such as AirCentric to provide custom designs and systems that meet these diverse business needs.

The importance of servicing

Most big businesses know about the dangers of airborne diseases such as Legionnaires, which has been found in old fashioned air conditioning systems of the past which haven’t been regularly serviced and maintained. Other viruses and bacteria can also live in these outdated and untended systems, leading to what organisational specialists have termed ‘sick office syndrome’.

For this reason, forward thinking commercial businesses are also investing in the right ongoing maintenance packages for the air conditioning systems that they invest in, to ensure that any breakdowns and repair needs are tended to quickly, and that regular servicing ensures safety and efficient operation of the unit.

At AirCentric, all installed air conditioning supply systems come with various maintenance and servicing contracts which can be tailored to meet bespoke client needs. Highly qualified installation and servicing engineers check all the electrical components, controls and protection devices on the new air conditioning unit to ensure that it is operating perfectly. They also carry out a full health check on all moving parts and sensors, as well as testing drain pipes for insulation and integrity.

Finally, the engineer will flush the entire system through and add water treatments and de-scaling agents to ensure that it operates at maximum efficiency, cleaning all filters, grilles and ducts.

The end result

By installing the latest air conditioning systems, designed to current energy efficiency standards and with the latest technologies, and by investing in the right ongoing maintenance packages, businesses can provide a happy, healthy commercial space for customers and staff alike. This boosts sales, staff retention and overall satisfaction – making the commercial space one that people want to spend time in – especially when the weather outside is particularly hot! This makes it a great time for a business to look at upgrading their air conditioning system, in order to benefit from the upturn in summer trade and the enhanced sales that will result from providing a relaxing, cool and fresh interior!

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