A company has a big responsibility for providing healthy and comfortable premises for its employees. There is also a need to save costs so that it has a healthy balance sheet at the end of the financial year. Well maintained and modern air conditioning (air con) will do all of this and is an investment that is just too good to miss. Ineffective air conditioning units that are not properly maintained will have the opposite effect.

Air con design has come a long way and these days, installation is cost efficient and the systems state-of-the-art. Air conditioning maintenance can be set up so that an ambience is created that is highly conducive to productivity.

Health of employees

Upgrading or installing this type of system could radically improve health in the workplace, with fewer days off due to medical problems and a higher level of consistent productivity. An air conditioning supply that is well regulated means that people in the workspace don’t feel too cold or too hot at any one time. This ultimately leads to employees functioning at their optimum capacity, with fewer colds, headaches, flu and other health problems. Air conditioning is the ultimate solution for employees that suffer from sinus, allergy, and respiratory conditions.

An air conditioning system that is functioning correctly is also almost soundless and, therefore, doesn’t get in the way of the concentration of staff. In areas that pollutants are being used, the air con will get rid of harmful or dangerous air particles and will prevent the spread of germs. By installing a modern system and having an air conditioning maintenance agreement, not only is the workplace happy and healthy, but the company gets a reputation for caring about its employees.

Financial benefits for all

As well as health benefits, businesses can take advantage of some excellent financial incentives. Because the new systems are energy efficient, they can save more than two tons of CO2 emissions per annum. This will save thousands of pounds on heating bills, and it is possible to take advantage of various government incentive schemes. The government, in fact, is encouraging businesses to select air con rather than more conventional forms of heating and cooling.

There ECA scheme (Enhanced Capital Allowance) will allow a company that has invested in quality air conditioning systems, to claim back 100 per cent of first-year costs in tax allowances. Every business in the UK can benefit from the ECA scheme no matter how big they are, where they are located or what business sector they are in.

The ability to moderate the environment of employees, while windows and doors are closed, does not seem to be a significant benefit to a company’s balance sheet. However, this seemingly minimal attention to detail will deliver results that can be seen instantly regarding energy bills and fewer man-hours lost. The long term effect of a well run, well-maintained air conditioning system will be a welcome return on the balance sheet for years to come.