Air conditioning design and supply is a vital part of the building design process to ensure your investment is future proofed. There are numerous reasons why a properly designed and installed heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is important to your business.

Energy Saving

Everyone likes the idea of saving money. A good quality heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit can save you money. In the UK it is estimated that as much as 10% of electricity is used for air con. Energy consumption can be a high outgoing and saving every penny can make a real difference to the bottom line. A well designed and maintained system will ensure you are spending as little as possible on air conditioning repair. No industry can pretend to ignore their environmental impact. By reducing emissions you can be assured that you are doing your part to limit the environmental impact of doing business.

Customer and Employee Comfort

The comfort of your customers is paramount to every business, but your employees will thank you for a pleasant working environment. When people are comfortable they will work better consequently improving productivity and reducing staff absence. Ensuring that your air conditioning system is professionally designed and installed means that you can assure yourself that the comfort of your employees and customers has been taken care of.

Specialist Knowledge

Every business is different and every air con installation is different. A professional design team will be able to assess the needs and requirements of your building. Listed buildings require a very different approach to a brand new industrial build. When developing a new building design involving your heating, ventilation and air con design company from an early stage will ensure your building gets the perfect system. This will make any air conditioning breakdown in the future easier to repair.


The regulations governing air conditioning maintenance and installation are changeable pieces of legislation and it is important to be confident that you are up to date. There are different rules covering industrial or retail air con units as apposed to those units designed for schools and hospitals. Choosing a professional air con design company will keep you right and avoid any legal pitfalls.

Cutting edge technology

The most advanced and high spec heating, ventilation and air conditioning units does not need to be expensive. Choosing an installation company that is working with the best in the industry ensures you are getting the most up to date system available. A company that is focused on reducing emissions will mean that you are getting an economical aircon system.

Wide selection

There is a huge selection of different types of heating, ventilation and sir conditioning systems available. Sifting through these different designs can be time consuming. It is important to have an advisor on your side to wade through the choices and offer you, your business and your building the best possible solution.

Ensuring you get a well designed and professional heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit will provide peace of mind for many years to come.