Modern commercial air conditioning/comfort cooling systems are tucked away and hidden out of sight, almost silently working in the background, providing optimum air quality over long periods of time. However, if they are to continue to do their job effectively, i.e., to produce air that is clean and comfortable to experience, then they need regular servicing.

It’s probably safe to say that Air Conditioning Maintenance is unlikely to be on the top of your list of priorities …… until your system stops working

It’s a proven fact that routinely maintaining an air conditioning system is the best way to minimise the risk of failure throughout the equipment’s life. Most units perform poorly without proper maintenance.

At Air Centric we believe that the implementation of a proper planned maintenance schedule is a key investment for any business as it increases cleanliness of the system, reduces productive downtime, promotes efficiency (therefore lowering power consumption), and reduces the number of unexpected large repairs over the equipment’s life. Server room cooling units, for instance, can have a catastrophic effect on a business in the event of unexpected failure shutting down the IT infrastructure of a building.

Aside from the physical aspects there are also legal compliance issues to consider. Most AC/ Comfort Cooling Systems fall under the F-gas regulations which sets out minimum maintenance intervals, responsibilities, and logging of refrigerants for the various equipment types and sizes, TM44 Air Conditioning inspections should be done every five years for systems over 12KW, and many larger systems also fall into the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations requiring further need for managed written assessments. We recommend that all your HVAC systems are maintained minimum twice a year, in order to ensure your HVAC remains fully operational and optimum energy efficiency is achieved.

Air Centric can guide you through the process ensuring that your business is not only running its systems efficiently, safely and cost effectively but that all aspects of any relevant regulation are being met.

Anything less than perfect performance from your HVAC system is unacceptable. Even minor issues can impact your everyday life, causing discomfort, poor air quality and higher running costs. Whether we installed your system or not, we can maintain, repair and support. At the completion of repairs or service, we perform rigorous operational checks to ensure optimum working of your HVAC solution. Our PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) packages (3year fixed price contract), provide peace of mind that your HVAC System will be always fully functioning and operational, and ensures compliance with HVAC Servicing regulations.

We are not satisfied just to help create that perfect environment, but also want to protect your investment and your HVAC assets, which is the driving force behind our PPM packages.