2018 RAC Cooling Awards Ceremony

The British refrigeration and air conditioning industry’s annual award ceremony will take place on the 26th September 2018. The venue this year is the London Hilton Hotel. All the brightest and best of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry meet and see how far the industry has come in the last year. We also get to award the outstanding achievers in the industry and discuss the most recent innovations.

This Year’s Awards Ceremony

This year’s function promises to be a glittering one, with no less than fifteen award categories. The industry stars will get a chance to shine. The function attendees will get an amazing and comprehensive look at the way the industry has been progressing over the last year. It promises to be an exciting evening occasion.

The Categories

Here is the list of award categories for the 2018 RAC Cooling Awards. These categories will bring to the centre of the stage the true innovators in our industry. If there is anyone working with you whom you feel would be a deserving recipient in any of these categories, now is the time to think about it. And to nominate. The categories are as follows:

Air Conditioning Innovation
Air Conditioning Product of the Year
Building Energy Project
Cold Chain Innovation Project
Environment Collaboration
Fred Jamieson Award for Industry Achievement
International Achievement
Low Carbon Achievement
RAC Contractor of the Year
RAC Gold Award
Refrigeration Innovation
Refrigeration Product of the Year
Retail Initiative
Retail Project
Student of the Year

This is a wide range of awards which covers all the aspects of the industry. From the B2B (business to business) sector to the B2C (business to customer) sector. From retail to innovation, invention and development of products, every aspect of the industry is covered by this awards ceremony. And it’s a good opportunity to bring the brightest and the best of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry of the UK together on a common platform.

Face The Challenges Together

This function will give the leaders of the industry the opportunity to come together collective achievements and successes. It gives us the opportunity to socialise and bond together. To build bridges of communication which will help us to work together to create a refrigeration and air conditioning industry which is moving on the path to real progress. Today, the challenges facing our industry are many. There is the need to control ever-rising temperatures in a world of global warming. There is also a need to find a sustainable method of powering our systems. In the era of rising costs and unsustainable power, there is a challenge in front of us. Bonding together as we celebrate the achievements of our industry will help strengthen us to face the challenges of the future together.

Nominate and Attend

There are two ways in which the companies in this industry can ensure the function’s success. The first is by nominating deserving candidates for awards in the various categories. The second is in attendance. Let’s look forward to the leading companies in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry lending full support to ensure the function’s success.