Air Centric have extensive experience in the supply, installation and maintenance of air conditioning units. They tailor their quotes to suit your business needs. Their considerations include the size of your building, the layout, placement and needs of your employees, presentation of air conditioning units and vents, environmental conditions of the business area and, of course, the needs of your customers.

A successful business relies on both happy employees and satisfied customers. Air Centric’s air con units can assist with your goal to create the most comfortable and best suited atmosphere for your business.

Things to Consider before Purchasing an Air Conditioner

There are so many different air conditioning options available on the market now that choosing a unit can be a daunting task.

Building Attributes

Every building is unique. Air Centric will assess each attribute and tailor our unit to best suit you.

Building Material

Buildings of brick, double brick, concrete, weatherboard or steel will determine its ability to maintain temperature levels.

Roof Design

Roofs can be tiled or metal, pitched or flat, and each will determine the heat loss of your building.


The materials your flooring is made up of will influence temperature control. Carpet and timber help maintain heat whereas concrete and tile will draw heat from the air.


Having insulated walls will drastically increase the efficiency of your building’s temperature control, but in buildings where insulation isn’t possible, Air Centric can help you select the right unit to ensure a lack of insulation is not an issue for your business.


Having tinted, double glazed or windows with shades inside or outside helps keep out excess heat and maintain internal temperatures.

Building Direction

Air Centric will adapt our units to control the temperature of areas impacted by their exposure to, of lack of, sunlight.

Room Height

Warmer air is lighter than colder air, so your warm air will rise to the ceilings. This can help in hotter temperatures and higher rooms, where units can direct warm air out of high ventilation shafts and replace it with cooler air throughout. Shorter rooms feel the impact of heat greater than taller rooms, but Air Centric has a unit to assist with that issue too.

Room Area

Larger rooms require more influence from an air con unit to maintain temperature. Air Centric can adapt placement of ventilation to ensure the greatest efficiency.

Type of Unit

Your building might be rented or heritage listed properties. We have dealt with both situations and can provide you a solution to ensure a minimal impact to the site.

Business Requirements

How Many Rooms

Do you need air conditioning for all rooms? Or just a select few?

Important Features

What features do you need from your unit? Heating, cooling, or both? Temperature control? Unique settings for different rooms?

Local Weather

Is your property based in a humid area? What average temperatures are reached at the peak of each season?

Purchase Price

Each unit has different aspects that affect the cost to you. Some provide a greater efficiency in the long term for a better quality unit, whereas others can be used for the short term at a cheaper purchase price.

Whatever your commercial needs, Air Centric will help you choose the best unit for your business. Air Centric will install, maintain and repair your air conditioner for its lifetime, ensuring the best quality service from Air Centric products all year round.