What The Future Holds For Air Conditioning

The opportunities for industrial air conditioning companies seeking to expand further into the home based UK Air Con market are considerable. With environmental issues becoming central to many new innovations, there is now a greater awareness of how important Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is to daily life. Combined with government legislation, the growth of the UK construction industry and new Smart technology, the future of the air con industry has never been so buoyant.

UK Air Con

On a global stage the UK is the fifth most influential developer of air conditioning units, being surpassed only by China, Japan, S. Korea and America. Significant growth for UK companies with expertise in air conditioning supply is almost guaranteed. As the clear market leader within Europe, the UK is ideally placed to play a major role in the future of air con design and supply, particularly once the exciting prospects afforded by Brexit begin to be realised. A recent study of World Air Conditioning by the BSRIA indicated the largest growth of more than 22% was registered by the UK.

Air Con Success And Legislation

The UK’s air conditioning industry is estimated to have an annual worth of more than a billion pounds. A market report outlining the prospects of the industry up to 2021, praised air con companies for providing outstanding service and value for money across all sectors including installation, air conditioning repair and air conditioning maintenance. Companies are able to offer a flexible catalogue that includes packaged, split and VRF systems plus central station systems of AHU’s, VAV and fan coil units. Much of the success is attributable to the industry’s response to government legislation regarding energy efficiency and health and safety, by designing innovative heating and ventilation systems. Early compliance with legislation such as the F-Gas Regulation has ensured that the UK air con industry is already one of the leaders in curtailing F-Gas emissions. Air conditioning units of the UK, like those of Japan, have energy efficiency levels that are 25% more effective than other market leaders.

Air Con And The Construction Industry

Recent years have seen considerable growth in the UK construction industry which has created an increased demand for air conditioning supply. The ninety-five storey Shard in London is fitted with high quality air con suitable for offices and restaurants. Similar developments in cities across the UK, including the prestigious Paradise complex which is currently under construction in the centre of Birmingham, are being supplied with futuristic state-of-the-art air conditioning units. Revised regulations governing the construction of new buildings require them to have an increased air tightness which has led to innovative new air con design, particularly in the sophisticated VRF market.

UK Air Con Opportunities

The drive to become more energy efficient with initiatives such as the CRC Efficiency Scheme, is providing the UK air con market with increased opportunities to supply and install bespoke air conditioning particularly as older systems frequently suffer air conditioning breakdown. Technological developments within the industry such as multiple scroll compressors combined with the introduction of Smart technology is creating opportunities for replacing office air conditioning. The International Energy Agency estimates that global use of air con will have tripled by 2050. Expansion within the UK is an opportunity too good to miss.