Air conditioning sometimes seems to be a new fad, a soft indulgence that is neither necessary nor wanted. When starting up a new business venture, air conditioning often appears quite low on the list of essentials needed for getting started, seemingly a luxury to be considered at a later date, when the business is established and making good profits. However, the truth is that air conditioning systems are actively good for people, for business, even for profits: and here is how.

Maintenance of Morale and Health through Air Conditioning

Buildings that are not well ventilated and aired tend to make the occupants ill. Asthma and similar respiratory diseases proliferate with stale air and poor building circulation. The most dramatic instances of this can be seen with the onset of black mould which causes serious illness and even death in people who are exposed to it, but problems with the air inside a building do not have to be life-threatening in order to disrupt the smooth flow of commerce. Employees who are continually too hot or too cold, will suffer from poor morale. They will be reluctant to spend long hours in the office and will, most likely, use their full sick-day allowance every year because of colds and chills caused by the poor air quality inside their workplace.

Maintenance of the Building

Damp and mould not only cause illness in the employees, they can compromise the structural integrity of the building itself. Damp seeping into the brick- and wood-work damages panels and walls, leaving them prone to sudden failure. Even if the problem is noticed before a collapse occurs, repairs can be lengthy and expensive – it is much better, by far, to avoid these issues by ensuring a good circulation of clean, fresh, dry air from the beginning. A minor point about damp and mould is that of the aesthetics of your business – customers are unlikely to be reassured by a company whose walls ooze damply and whose ceilings are spattered with patches of mouldy growth. Painting over these patches without treating the problem first will only solve it for a month or so, before the mould regrows and the damp rises through the new coat of paint. The only solution is to properly ventilate the space.

Customer Appeal

As mentioned above, the walls should be painted with fresh clean paint, in order to inspire confidence, but good air conditioning goes so much further than merely making a business look right. Businesses must maintain their premises to a good standard of air circulation in order to make the place smell pleasant. Any place where a customer does not feel safe, welcome and, above all, physically comfortable, is a place that they will avoid if at all possible. Maintain your business – be it office, shop or even school or hospital – at an ideal temperature, and ensure a steady flow of fresh, clean air, and you will have ensured that your customers will remain with you. Poor air will actively chase them away, down the road to the competition who have considered the importance of their air quality! Clean air and the subtle use of attractive scents – vanilla, baking, lemon, and lavender are all winners – will make pleasant associations in the brain of your customer: ensuring that they will return!

If you are in the process of opening a new business, in any sphere, do not forget about the air in your building. Looking after the air benefits your building, your employees, your customers: in short, it benefits you!