Concealed within the space above a room, ducted systems combine maximum comfort with minimum visibility. Distributing warm or cool air through a series of grilles, inverter technology adjusts the temperature constantly to provide energy savings.

Horizontal ducted air conditioning systems combine the latest technology with superior operation and control. These robust products utilise extended pipe runs of up to 50 metres and large diameter fans for optimum air volume. High specification compressors are used throughout the range, so you benefit from consistent performance and significantly lower running costs.

Intelligent Ducted Air Conditioning Solutions

Compatible with multi systems, these commercial ducted systems feature seven day timers with two on/off settings, hard wired wall controls and an integral temperature sensor. Should the power supply be interrupted, the programme will restart automatically.

Using a sophisticated remote control, users can select temperature and timer settings, plus fan speeds and modes. Additional service functions can also be accessed, including compressor speed, fault diagnosis and operational history. For restricted outdoor spaces, smaller units are available, boasting low sound levels and compact dimensions.

Key Benefits of Ducted Air Conditioning Systems:

  • Seven day in-built programmable timer
  • External timer/BMS switching for group (up to 16 units)
  • Hard wired wall controller
  • Integral temperature sensor
  • Condensate lift pump included
  • Auto restart after power interruption
  • Reduced sound levels