Our high specification, large ducted commercial systems are suitable for any space, no matter how vast. They use energy saving inverter technology and extended pipe runs to provide consistent room temperatures.

Horizontal large ducted air conditioning systems are concealed within a ceiling and use ductwork to distribute cool or warm air through a series of grilles. This means you can control the temperature and retain your sense of style.

Minimal energy use

These advanced products are fitted with a seven day/24 hour programmable timer and high performance, large diameter fans for optimum air volume. They can be connected to pipe runs of up to 70 metres and contain energy saving compressors, offering reduced running costs.

Our commercial large ducted air conditioning systems adjust the heating or cooling output continuously, keeping rooms of any size at the required temperature. They are supplied with a remote controller that combines all basic settings with a comprehensive range of data functions, such as fault diagnosis and operational history.

Outdoor units are also available with twin side-blow fans, low sound levels and a compact design for restricted spaces.

Key Benefits of Large Ducted Air Conditioning Systems:

  • Seven day in-built programmable timer
  • External timer/BMS switching for group (up to 16 units)
  • Hard wired wall controller
  • Integral temperature sensor
  • Auto restart after power interruption
  • High static pressure
  • Reduced sound levels