Good Indoor Air Quality is invaluable in providing an ideal learning environment. As well as protecting the health, and supporting the productivity of both students and teachers, it has also been proven to help reduce absenteeism.

Indoor Air Quality and Temperature inside classrooms are closely associated with concentration, academic performance and comfort of the students.

Poor indoor air quality has been proven to have a negative effect on the attention span of students, leading to a noticeable decline in concentration and more worryingly has health implications including coughs, headaches and tenderness or inflammation to skin, throat, eyes etc. An effective mechanical ventilation system will provide filtered fresh air into classrooms, eliminating these potential issues.

Managing comfort levels within an entire school can be demanding and difficult, especially with the variety of different multi-functional rooms (i.e., gyms, labs, classrooms, canteens, computer rooms etc.,); varying occupancy levels and in some instances, equipment contributing to temperature changes in the room environment e.g., (PCs, Servers in a computer room and Bunsen burners in a lab). Trying to achieve all this and maintain compliance with Building Bulletin 101 (BB101), the Government’s regulatory guidelines on air management in schools.

A good HVAC or mechanical ventilation can provide schools with much greater control over the temperature and quality of air flowing into classrooms etc., resulting in an increase of comfort and well being for the occupants. And with the UK’s unpredictable weather, having a ventilation system which can adapt to changeable requirements is vital for schools.

We can help you design, install and maintain the most reliable system befitting all your requirements.