Why are air conditioning systems so critical?

Computer server rooms have become the heart of almost every organisation. It is of paramount concern to ensure that computer hardware is running at an optimal temperate to ensure that servers do not overheat causing them to slow down, shut down or, in severe cases, a total crash causing in some cases loss of data.

Whether you are cooling a single server or an entire server room, we have the expertise to keep your servers cool all year round. When recommending an air conditioning system for a server room our engineers will ask you about your future plans for the room (e.g. if you are planning to upgrade your systems, add extra servers and/or computers) to make sure that we specify the right unit to future-proof the installation, taking care of any additional heat load. We can help to design an effective and economical (in terms of both physical space and money) air conditioning system for your new server room or to replace an existing ageing or unreliable system.

Our design services consider the need for systems with a fail-safe, so even in the event of one unit failing to operate there is another to act as a backup. We supply equipment, which is perfectly suited for Data centres, IT and server room applications. We have excellent credentials when it comes to Close Control and Chiller systems.

Every winter we get calls from companies where their server room air conditioning has cut out because the outdoor temperature is too low for their equipment to work despite the fact the servers are overheating inside.

We provide a free site survey no matter how big or small the job. All surveys are carried out by our experienced air conditioning engineers who can tackle even the toughest of server room installations.

Should the worst happen, we can provide an emergency response for air conditioning in server rooms and comms rooms where the system has gone down or is not functioning correctly. Our expertise is your peace of mind.