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What our clients are saying

‘Air Centric are great at what they do. Their speed of service is second to none and they have a high level of skills within the team and great knowledge.

Air Centric have remained our supplier for just over 6 years because they’re competitive and provide exceptional support. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.’

Steve Platts – Gripple

Air Centric have carried out a few electrical jobs for us recently and have always arrived on time, being conscience in our home and left us with quality workmanship. Would fully recommend.

Scott Wadsworth

Emergency call out. They had a very professional manner, quoted the price upfront and were quick to come out to the house.

Paul Jennings

We’ve been working with AirCentric now for about 10 years. We continue to work with them because of their great customer service, competitive quoting and because they are a personal business. The team have a fantastic can-do attitude, always going beyond what is needed or expected.
I would absolutely recommend them to other businesses looking for an Air Conditioning supplier.’

John Marren, Company Shop LTD
Terms & Conditions

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For all your HVAC requirements, Air Centric will visit your site, provide a free of charge, no obligation consultation and assessment, do the ‘clever stuff’ (heat calculations), and provide you with considered recommendations and costings (on install, maintenance or a survey). Please contact us by filling in the form and a member of the team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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Call us today : 01226 361 950

1-6 Barnsley Road, Hoyland
South Yorkshire, S74 0QN

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